Josephine Wong

“I am a mum of 2 children (under the age of 4) and I was struggling to find the time to exercise since returning to work. Therefore it was identified that I needed a PT. I was slightly apprehensive as it was my first time hiring a PT but I enlisted Becca’s help and personal training expertise. From the consultation, she helped me identify time in my busy schedule and we discussed my eating habits, what exercise/activities I had done up until now, likes and dislikes etc. She listened to my needs and devised a plan with realistic short term goals and made sensible suggestions about my eating habits. The sessions are fun, varied and full of ideas for workouts I can practice in my own time too. Becca is friendly and very encouraging in the sessions (even when I feel like giving up!) and sometimes does the exercises along with me. She answers a lot of my questions and shows me how to perform the exercise with the correct technique. She is incredibly understanding and reassuring. I’ve only been training with Becca for approx. 5 weeks and I (and others) have noticed a difference and my energy levels have improved plus I have taken up skipping. Now I am training with Becca two times a week for 30 minutes as well as using her online training plan to achieve my long term goals.

I highly recommend Becca for personal training!”