Running While Preggers

These days it's a lot more 'normal' to see a woman with a bump running free – as free as the wind blows. Keeping active during pregnancy is now something that is hugely encouraged by health professionals, and I’m glad to be pregnant at a time where I can be confident in my own active... Continue Reading →

Workout Wednesday: Abs-olutely

Need a quick abdominal workout? Well look no further. Try this 30 minute workout - you can even adjust the time to make the workout longer / shorter. Warm up: 3-5 minutes. Do each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 min break x 3. 1. Standing bicycle crunch 2. Flutters 3. Mountain climbers 4. Leaning... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger: Scott Darnell – Wax Lyrical

What does music do for you? Does it make your foot tap… your heart race… your hips sway… your lungs burst into song? Does it make you smile? Does music make you stronger…? The brain geniuses behind the international fitness brand Les Mills plan quarterly routines and carefully craft the music to accompany the high-impact... Continue Reading →

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