Mamma’s Chasing Strong

Who is this training plan for? This training plan is for all of you Mamma’s out there who want to get exercising following pregnancy. You’ve already faced your biggest challenge – childbirth, so this next bit should be a little easier, but it will take time. Your body has been through a lot of changes... Continue Reading →

4 reasons to love burpees

I love burpees - said nobody ever! But maybe we should. It's about time we stopped giving this power exercise such a hard time, here are 4 simple reasons as to why; Burpees are an intense full body exercise meaning you burn lots of calories, so if you have a weight loss goal these are... Continue Reading →

The life of this self-employed PT

Christmas is a time for sharing, so I thought this was a good time to share my Personal Training journey so far. I’ve mentioned in previous posts my reason for wanting to be a personal trainer but I’ve not really spoken much about my crazy / brave (depends on your view point) decision to leave... Continue Reading →

Kitting out!

Want to start working out from home, but not sure what equipment you need to start? Here are a few last-minute bits you might want to add to your Christmas list. A good exercise mat It’s a good idea to get a nice padded mat with a good grip – that way whatever your floor... Continue Reading →

Try something new: Aerial hoop

It’s almost that time of year where we start making new year’s resolutions and one thing I’m hoping you save a place on your list for is a new activity – if I’ve not managed to convince you already with hockey, boxing or weight lifting, I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one is for... Continue Reading →

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