January 2020 Bwtcamp

I’m looking for 10 individuals who want to kick start 2020 with a new fitness challenge. This is an online Bwtcamp to get you moving after a potentially over indulgent period. If you want to commit to exercising through January and want some structure, support and accountability, then this plan is for you. All exercises can be progressed or regressed to suit your ability – so complete beginners are very welcome.

If your current exercise routine isn’t hitting the mark and perhaps you don’t eat as well as you could, then yes, you can expect to lose weight and inches during this Bwtcamp. However, losing inches healthily and keeping it off isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. This is a starting point to hopefully a more active you and the accessibility of the plan makes it so simple.

What can I hope to get out of the challenge?

After 28-days you can expect to feel stronger, fitter and healthier. You will find you have more energy and you’ll feel more positive – thanks to the endorphins released through exercising. You will feel satisfied that you reached a short-term goal and that you now have the power to build on your fantastic achievement for the rest of the year and beyond.

What equipment do I need?

If you have access to a gym – perfect. If not and you have no intention of doing so, you will need the following.

Dumbbells – A set of DB’s is a great investment. Don’t go too light, I suggest 2 x 3kg (minimum) as you will find you improve quickly.

Kettlebell – Such a versatile piece of equipment. Don’t go lighter than an 8kg it’s your legs that will be taking this weight, not your arms.

What is included in this Bwtcamp?

  • A 28-day online workout plan straight to your phone that can be performed wherever you choose with minimal equipment
  • Nutritional guidelines to help you make better choices
  • Access to a private online membership forum
  • On hand support from me via TrueCoach*
  • Accountability
  • A weekly Q&A with myself**

In addition, I will provide:

  • A free 4-week plan for the the client who achieves the best overall compliance
  • 10% discount on any plan purchased within 2 weeks of finishing the plan

All of this for just £40!

Starts Jan 6th – ends Feb 2nd

Where do I sign?

Simply email Rebecca_pt@hotmail.com – title the email ‘Bwtcamp 2020’ to register by December 31st 2019 and await instruction.

Places are limited so Don’t delay!

*TrueCoach is an online platform with an easy to use app that will home this workout plan

**Depending on participants communication & availability

Please note – your place is only secure once payment has been received.

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