Kitting out!

Want to start working out from home, but not sure what equipment you need to start? Here are a few last-minute bits you might want to add to your Christmas list.

A good exercise mat

It’s a good idea to get a nice padded mat with a good grip – that way whatever your floor type, you’ll be sorted. There are plenty of very cheap and cheerful mats out there, but if you only need one, get a decent one. Places like TK Maxx have a good selection for less than £10.

A decent sports bra

Chaps, this one isn’t for you, but ladies – if you don’t want hurty, saggy boobs – invest. Personally, I think the best sports bras on the market are Shock Absorber, hands down. If you are on a budget and need the support (I know I do!), Tesco do a decent bra that I think makes a good alternative.

Skipping rope

Build up your strength and cardio the old school way. It might take you a while to get back into it, but once you’ve got it, you will find skipping to be a great workout. Start simple – 1 min on, 1 min off x 5.


Not sure how heavy? Pick them up. If you are just starting out, 2 x 2kg or 3kg’s should suffice. To judge if a weight is challenging enough for you, go for 10 reps and if by the last rep you could easily keep going, go heavier. Adjustable weights are a good option also and can take you from 1kg – 10kg. I’ve been lucky enough to pick dumbbells up in places like Aldi, Asda, and DW.

A kettlebell

Great for squats, deadlifts and beyond! Once you are ready to move on from doing certain exercises using bodyweight alone, a kettlebell is such a versatile piece of kit to get you to the next level. If you are starting out you may want to go for a 6kg, but your legs will soon prove to you that they can take over 10kg.

Happy shopping, happy sweating!



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