Try something new: Aerial hoop

It’s almost that time of year where we start making new year’s resolutions and one thing I’m hoping you save a place on your list for is a new activity – if I’ve not managed to convince you already with hockey, boxing or weight lifting, I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one is for you.

Today I bring you aerial hoop.

I have never tried aerial hoop myself, but I’m very intrigued, so I’ve roped in my lovely Kilimanjaro conqueror friend, Laura Jardine to tell us all about this acrobatic activity.

Aerial hoop – What even is it?

It’s hard to describe, but basically, it’s a circular hoop (like a hula hoop) hanging from the ceiling that you can perform lifts, moves and acrobatics on.

Sounds fun! How did you get involved in aerial hoop?

I got into aerial hoop through pole exercise. I enjoyed that but always fancied swinging through the air! I have dyspraxia, which basically means I have coordination difficulties, so team sports and many other forms of exercise really don’t work for me. I was always on the search for a form of exercise that’s fun and that I could pick up (no matter how slowly!!) and aerial hoop has been just that.

I loved the look of the shapes you can be made on the hoop and wanted to really challenge myself and build up my core strength…hoop definitely does this and it uses muscles I didn’t even know existed!!

Sounds like a lot of fun. What else does hoop offer?

One of the major benefits to hoop is seeing week on week improvement in strength, ability and confidence. I love being able to work at my own pace due to my coordination problems and set myself mini goals for the next week.

I go to a class and we’re all at different levels, some moves come easily and some just don’t!! 

We’re all supportive of each other and all have different strengths and weaknesses – and bodies which make different pretty shapes!

Why would you recommend hoop to others?

Hoop is an excellent way of improving your core strength outside of the traditional exercises and gym sessions. For me, that’s the best thing, as I’m no gym bunny! It also makes you feel like you’re defying gravity and looks super cool ha ha! 

A word of warning though, you do ache for a week solid and get covered in bruises! It is hard work, but more than worth the dedication 🙂

Love this! So, how do you we go about starting?

In the South Wales area, there are two places that offer aerial Hoop classes; Up Side down circus and No Fit State Circus, and they run beginner’s sessions which focus on lots of different aspect of aerial skills. I train at Up Side Down Circus, you can literally start with no previous experience as the teachers are amazing.

Are there any key words or unwritten rules that would be useful for a newbie so they don’t feel silly. When rocking up?

All the moves have silly names some of which seem to make more sense than others! I wouldn’t worry at all though as you get taught as you go along. I forget some of them and sometimes make up my own names, it really doesn’t matter.

Thank you so much Laura for sharing your experience, it sounds fab and I really hope everyone reading this gives it a go.

Let us know how you get on if you do!!



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