Who runs the world?

Well not me, that’s for sure – not with this growing bump! Don’t get me wrong I can still pull a couple of miles out the bag at run group (I lead a lovely social running group called ‘Becca’s Bay Runners) which helps keep me sane, but I’m not where I imagined I’d be at this point of the year with my running – if you’d asked me in January where I thought I’d be by December, my answer would have been “by December I’ll be a sub 2-hour half marathon runner”. I was totally on track for this until I fell pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that pregnancy is the reason why but I just didn’t see it coming.

Anyhoo, before I go off track – this post is really about me being grateful that running is a part of my life and continues to be part of my life, regardless of what’s going on in life and regardless of whether goals get met or not.

Starting my own running group was one of the best decisions I made. It’s brought a lovely group of ladies together and it’s helped me to keep going even when the going gets tough (The 27-week bump is getting heavier!) Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all been there trying to convince ourselves all day that we are ill in order to have an excuse to shirk off a rainy run, but after the run there are always smiles, laughs and that sense of achievement – I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘I wish I hadn’t bothered!

Having worked for Welsh Athletics and been heavily involved in the Run Wales social running programme I’ve been lucky to see the positive influence running has had on so many people’s lives.

So even if you have the smallest of urges to give running a go – don’t put it off any longer. It’s such an accessible activity and you are never alone. You can take it as seriously as you like and join a running club or you can keep it as fun and social as you like by finding yourself a group of like-minded folk in a social running group – simply visit http://irun.wales/ to see where your nearest group(s) congregate. No group where you are? Do a Rebecca and start your own. There is enough support out there, honestly. And finally, if you are in my neck of the woods, simply get in touch and start with ‘Becca’s Bay Runners’ in January 2018 – now there is one for the resolutions list!


#ChasingStrong #irunwales #rwynrhedeg



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