7 reasons not to get a Personal Trainer

Chasing Strong

1. Your Personal Trainer (PT) will make you work. Don’t get me wrong, as the client you need drive and motivation to stick to your goals, but left to your own devices you could easily skip that last set or rep – but a PT will push you through to the end potentially making you pull a face.

2. They will fill your head with new ideas – offer alternatives, progressions and regressions if needed. Who wants new ideas eh, your brain is packed with enough info already right?

3. They will force an element of change. We all hate change. We prefer to do the same things over and, over don’t we?

4. They will be open to speak to you about life in general, almost as if you are a real person with other things going on in your life. Weird.

5. They will correct your form even…

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