It’s December the 1st and day one of my health & fitness inspired advent calendar – meaning every day up until Christmas day you’ll be getting your little Becca fix, it’s better than chocolate, honest!

Now we all love a new month because it’s an opportunity to focus on new goals and start new challenges.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant today (insane!) and December for me is all about getting organised for the beginning of 2018 and enjoying a much-deserved break with my amazing family, eating plenty of delicious food and simply enjoying the end of what has been an eventful 2017. I’m going to make sure that this month I do something every day that positively contributes to my business, my home or making my family and as a result – me happier.

With Christmas only weeks away, what apart from a very merry Christmas, and a classy Christmas do you’d like to achieve this December?

Whatever you want to achieve in this month, just go out and get it, it’s yours for the taking!

Need support? Get in touch.





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