Why Chasing Strong …

People’s interpretation of strength or what it is to be ‘strong’ can differ greatly. For me, I see strength as something both physical and mental, which is why I believe we should all be striving for a good balance of both.

Our body relies on our mind to be strong and our mind relies on our body to be strong, we can’t have one without the other.

Strong doesn’t have to mean power lifting or IRONMAN triathlons, it’s about finding a place of strength within you, a strength that gets you to your goals, gets you through the day, week, month. It’s about that. Chase that. Chase your strong.




3 thoughts on “Why Chasing Strong …

    • Becca says:

      Lovely to hear from you – I do remember meeting you in Chapter, I was celebrating leaving my job and starting this adventure & there was a lot of Glastonbury chat.

      It seems like you are having quite a tough time, but you are clearly facing it all, which is really positive.

      Send me an email at rebecca_pt@hotmail.com with your specific goals and what achieving them looks like and we’ll go from there – there is a catch though, you have to take me paddleboarding 🙂

      Look forward to your email. Speak soon. Becca x


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